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Basic Video Editing Theory

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The most crucial facet of video editing is the telling from the story. Everything that moves the story forward, can make it more interesting or enhances it dramatically are tools that every video editor should employ. Should you compare the recording editing process to a contractor building a house you may begin to see the relationship between your raw video along with what the recording editor brings to that footage. The raw footage can be compared to the lumber, concrete, roofing material etc.


The recording editor, just like the contractor, takes the many piles of materials and transforms them in to a house by cutting, nailing pouring etc. That is exactly the service how the video editor performs with all the raw footage from the video shoot. Video editing transforms the fundamental footage in to a story having a beginning, middle plus an end. The quality of the final method is based on the excellence of the raw material, the video footage and also the skill of the video editor.


It editor has several tools in his video editing toolbox. The choices which are open to the editor depend, to some extent, on the video that he is editing. If you find a dialogue sequence, it is vital that you hear clearly what the participants assert, so naturally it wouldn't be advised to lay music with lyrics under the sequence. Music can be a tool the editor can employ, however it is essential that the editor make use of the right editing tool with respect to the sequence he, or she, is editing. It really is almost in the event the medical credo should connect with video editing, i.e., first do no harm.


With that thought at heart, it is the duty from the video editor to utilize just the tools at his disposal that enhance and slowly move the story forward. Editing video necessitates the talent to recognize the things which are important towards the story, combined with the sound judgment to understand which with the tools at the editor's disposal to utilize inside a given situation. Straight cuts, dissolves, or another video transitions, music, moves, blowups and color changes a few of it tools available to the video editor whilst in the video editing process. The wise use of these tools in the correct time separate the amateur from your professional video editor.


Once you start to look at your video within an account and treat the information as you were an authority story teller, your video editing will step up to another level. The theory behind video editing is very simple, first do no harm and 2nd use only the various tools that enhance and slowly move the story forward.

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